PPBF: Clown

ClownCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Quentin Blake
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, 1995
Ages: 3-8yrs
Themes: wordless stories, toys, home
Summary: (from my library catalog)After being discarded, Clown makes his way through town having a series of adventures as he tries to find a home for himself and his other toy friends.


I like this book because: I too have once been discarded (some friendships just don’t last), and immediately found myself able to empathize with Clown and understand his struggle to feel secure again. I’m glad he didn’t give up either! Yeah, it made me a little weepy, but happy too! I’ve been on a Quentin Blake spree, reading books he has illustrated and/or written, biography materials and interviews too. Whew – it’s been a fun and enlightening ride! He also helped establish the House of Illustration, a home for the art of illustration. Read more on Blake’s exhibit there- HERE, or a visit to the museum by kid-lit author Pippa Goodhart from the Picture Book Den blog – HERE


Resources/activities: this is a great book to read when discussing emotions, understanding them, learning the difference between sympathy and empathy, as well as character traits like perseverance. One could also touch on hygiene and why it would be a good thing to clean toys found in the trash before we use (and love!) them.


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37 thoughts on “PPBF: Clown

  1. Huge QB fan here. I love how recognizable his style is yet still each book’s illustrations are so different. Just the handful os spreads you show us here are so rich with emotion.

    Love the Hey Hey button.

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  2. I love your personal link to this book — makes me want to read it. I love the emotion in the pages you share. Sounds like a wonderful discussion book. And, a story that could have many different stories.


  3. The wonderfulness of picture books resides in the diverse ways in which they get their “message” across. Case in point are all the wordless books out there — those that really make the reader(s) work to find meaning and develop the story. Blake’s book is a beautiful example of how this can succeed. Thanks for posting this and continually wetting my appetite for more and more books!


  4. Poor clown. Yes, I, too, have been discarded at various times in my life. It’s a spitty, pitty feeling.

    I love the free-squiggle (how’s that for a professional artist’s term?) quality of these illustrations. Does that make sense? They make me giggle.

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  5. Can’t wait to ”read” this book. I love the water color illustrations. Makes Clown’s feelings kinda fluid, free, flowing. Therefore changeable, not so permanent. Can’t keep a good Clown down!


  6. Hi Julie, I love seeing your blogs. This illustrator reminds me a lot of the Sylvester and the magic pebble illustrator (I can’t remember who that is right now!) I hope you are good. Happy Spring, Heather Stenner

    Please excuse any spelling errors. Sent from my phone.

    Heather Stenner Owner Enthusic Music Company, LLC

    Our newest release! http://www.CampfireSongsForModernKids.Com



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