PPBF: Hot Dog

Author/Illustrator: Doug Salati
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, 2022
Themes: dogs, city life, hot weather

Opening: City summer, steamy sidewalks

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) It’s summer in the city, and this hot dog has had enough! Enough of sizzling sidewalks, enough of wailing sirens, enough of people’s feet right in his face. When he plops down in the middle of a crosswalk, his owner endeavors to get him the breath of fresh air he needs. She hails a taxi, hops a train, and ferries out to the beach. Here, a pup can run!

I picked this book because: it’s hot! I live in a small city but I’ve lived in pretty big ones and very big ones, and I also know how much dogs don’t appreciate a walk in the summer heat! Neither do I! The illustrations are playful and full of energy and the story is simple but oh, so relatable. sure to be a pleaser… but be ready because listeners will want a stretch of sand or body of water to escape to when finished!

Resources/activities: read this with a plan in mind to find refuge in nature afterwards; visit a beach or a place to dip your toes into water or dig in the sand; read other weather related books like My Winter City, or The Way the Storm Stops

(can’t find my own pics, but this looks yummy too!)

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