PPBF: How to Find an Elephant

Author: Kate Banks
 Boris Kulikov
Publisher: Farrar Strauss Giroux, 2017
Themes: elephants, instructions, dull days

Opening: The best time to look for an elephant is on a dull day when the clouds hover on the horizon looking like spaceships. And you’re thinking up something to do.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) A boy provides instructions as he searches high and low for an elephant, which the reader can find in the illustrations..

I picked this book because: This book had me with the opening line! Maybe because we’ve had a lot of cloud hovering days lately, but mainly for the juxtaposition within that sentence alone! It’s a fun read aloud for storytime too, and let’s us linger on each page to enjoy the sumptuous illustrations. Perfect for sunny days too!

Resources/activities: Play follow the leader in a circle with elephant steps, on tippy toes, on flat feet, swinging trunks, etc; read books about or with elephants, like The Elephant and the Bad Baby, by John Burningham. Make elephants from TP rolls!

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