PPBF: Farewell Floppy

FarewellFloppyCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Benjamin Chaud (Engl. translation: Taylor Norman)
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2015 (orig. published: Adieu Chausette, hélium/Actes Sud, 2010)
Ages: 4 and up
Themes: pets, friendship, responsibility
Opening: Floppy, that’s my rabbit. That’s his name because of his ears. They don’t stand up straight like other rabbits’. 
Summary: (from my library catalog) A boy feels that he is too old for his pet rabbit, so he tries to turn Floppy loose in the woods–but when he realizes that he really loves his pet, and returns for him, Floppy is nowhere to be found.


Why I like this book: I picked it up because of the book’s vertical format (8 x 0.5 x 12.5 inches) and the illustrator’s work (another PPBF pick of mine HERE). But at first I was not taken with the text – WHHAAAAH? But, I read on – so something must have been working because I am a tosser (over the shoulder but with a soft landing). If I am not grabbed in the first 2 pages, 3 max, the book is airborne. The illustrations invited me to keep going. but the last line on page 2 got me:  “So I had to let him go.” Yikes! I had to follow the mc and find out how he planned to do this! When you’ve read it too let me know what you think. I fell, big time! A Kirkus review did not, and as with all books, it keeps me wondering about personal tastes and how we form opinions – too deep a topic for this recommendation though. Do give it a go!

FF5Resources/activities: discuss pet care and the connected responsibilities, and choosing the right pet; learn about lop-eared rabbits; contact your local Humane Society to arrange a visit; tell the story with puppets.FF4

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34 thoughts on “PPBF: Farewell Floppy

  1. Hi Julie. Thanks for another great suggestion for my TBR tower! I, too, find the reviewing process fascinating. I often find that there is a particular group of reviewers who look at a PB with a (sometimes hyper-critical) industry eye. These opinions/observations can be quite different from what others see in a particular book. That is why I love being part of the kid lit community. I enjoy hearing from a wide variety of readers and writers who share the gems they discover.

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  2. Julie, I love the illustrations and end papers. And I like the opening lines. Will give this one a try. Great review! p.s. Speaking of illustrations, I LOVE your illustration at the top of the blog. I can’t wait to see your career sky rocket. Because then I can say, “Oh, I knew Julie back when . . . .” 🙂

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    • Sometimes I arrange a pile in order of how I think I’ll like them according to their covers, then read from the bottom up and rearrange afterwards. So fun to see with which covers I’ve been duped!


  3. I had a similar first reaction to it as well. I didn’t think there was going to be any redemption to abandoning your pet. I just had to keep going, and now I’m glad I did. It’s now a book I can proudly say I enjoyed and would recommend to others. I dare say it should be in every SPCA facility in the country. Speaking of countries, did you know this book was published 5 years ago in France? (I picked it up at first because I thought it was a new publication. Not so.)

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  4. Kirkus didn’t like this book? I thought it was great (have not reviewed it yet, and do have some reservations, but . . .) I love the illustrations. I love the central message. How Chaud gets there can be a little disconcerting, but maybe more for us adults than a four to eight-year-old.

    Yep, some reviewers an be contrary, but don’t you love them anyway? 🙂

    Love your new banner/header.

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