PPBF: Mrs. Mole, I’m Home!

5A171614-7664-4A93-943D-91042655DB72Author/Illustrator: Jarvis
Publisher: Candlewick , 2018
Age: 2-6
Themes: moles, eyeglasses, home
Opening: see image below

21CC8492-AD33-4E68-97C1-E46DEC23BA93Summary: (from my library’s catalog) Morris Mole can’t find his glasses, but he’s certain he can get home without them. So off he burrows, and up he pops…. ‘Mrs. Mole, I’m home!’ But is he?

D7FBEA9F-D6CF-4159-805C-0A05519E2BF4I like this book because: It was SUCH a hit with my storytime gang and the adults in the room too! Fun bright illustrations with plenty to pour over in side jokes (look at those worms!) and perfect pacing to keep the whole crowd happy and asking for more!

2BE572AB-0309-4C04-B325-25827AC9219CResources/Activities: we made paper eyeglasses to color, and I brought any type of eyewear I could find in the house for them all to try on, even a pair with a nose and moustache – which I must say looked best worn upside down!

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PPBF: Bringing Down The Moon

Sorry this is out a little early!


Title: Bringing Down the Moon

Author: Jonathon Emmett

Illustrator: Vanessa Cabban

Publisher’s Info: Candlewick, 2001

Age Level: 2-5

Genre: fiction picture book

Themes: moles, moon, animals

“Hot diggety!” exclaimed Mole as he burrowed out of the ground one night. “Whatever’s that?”

Mole is so taken with the beauty of the moon that he tries to get it from the sky, but eventually learns to appreciate it where it is.

From Candlewick: A lyrical text and cozy woodland illustrations portray this mole on a mission with gentle humor and charm.

Activity: A writing prompt idea inspired by the tags for this post: Would you have put a mole together with a moon? Think about an animal and add another noun, starting with the same letter, that might not normally be associated with the animal. Examples: turtle and the tundra, rabbit and a rowboat, sloth and a slot machine. Now that gives me an idea!

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