PPBF: Bringing Down The Moon

Sorry this is out a little early!


Title: Bringing Down the Moon

Author: Jonathon Emmett

Illustrator: Vanessa Cabban

Publisher’s Info: Candlewick, 2001

Age Level: 2-5

Genre: fiction picture book

Themes: moles, moon, animals

“Hot diggety!” exclaimed Mole as he burrowed out of the ground one night. “Whatever’s that?”

Mole is so taken with the beauty of the moon that he tries to get it from the sky, but eventually learns to appreciate it where it is.

From Candlewick: A lyrical text and cozy woodland illustrations portray this mole on a mission with gentle humor and charm.

Activity: A writing prompt idea inspired by the tags for this post: Would you have put a mole together with a moon? Think about an animal and add another noun, starting with the same letter, that might not normally be associated with the animal. Examples: turtle and the tundra, rabbit and a rowboat, sloth and a slot machine. Now that gives me an idea!

See Susanna Hill Leonard’s blog for the Perfect Picture Books List of reviews.

29 thoughts on “PPBF: Bringing Down The Moon

  1. Aww. What a sweet, happy cover. That mole is SOOO adorable. (I never though I’d say that about a mole.) Love that text. That’s an awesome beginning! “Hot diggety!” Bodacious!! I am writing it down. Thanks Julie! *waving*


  2. I think any picture book that includes a moon (Goodnight Moon, etc.) is always a winner with little ones. Great choice for PPBF…I’ll be adding this to my “I need that book” list. 🙂


  3. There is something about the moon… When my son was 18 mo. he started pointing out all the moons he could find and he didn’t have a lot of other words! I’ll have to check this out. And I love your suggested activity. Very creative.


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