PPBF: Animal Masquerade

Author/Illustrator: Marianne Dubuc
Kids Can Press, 2012 (Originally under Au carnaval des animaux, 2011)
: animals, disguises, masquerade

Age Level: 3-7, but my teens loved this too!
see image below

Synopsis: from Kids Can Press: The lion is going as an elephant, the elephant as a parrot, and the parrot as a turtle! Each costume gives way to another, yielding new surprises on every page, and revealing a menagerie of familiar and unusual animals. Young children will delight in the absurd and amusing images (who wouldn’t love a ladybug dressed as a hippopotamus?) and will also appreciate the gags (a fish costumed as a cat is dubbed a “catfish”) and other bits of silly sweetness. Recapping this reading adventure: a detailed panorama at book’s end, showing all the party guests in their fanciful finery.

Why I am recommending this book again: I could not believe my eyes last week when I noticed this book is out of print! I have hand-sold numerous copies and truly enjoy it EVERY time I read it. I’m so incredibly sad about this! It’s so much fun and even the youngest hang in for all 120 pages! So if you find a copy (for sale, little thieves!) snap it up! And again: If anyone out there ever makes a costume of an animal ‘in costume’ send me a photo!

Resource/Activity: make your own costumeshttp://crafts.kaboose.com/holidays/halloween/costumes/Blog: My Disguises great photos and ideas for kids of ALL ages.

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