PPBF: Not Little

Author: Maya Myers
 Hyewon Yum
Publisher: Neal Porter/HH, 2021
Themes: size, bullying, self-awareness

Opening: see image below.

Summary: (from my library catalog) Dot proves she is not little by standing up to a school bully. (*might be one of the shortest summaries, but it packs the punch!)

I picked this book because: I admire all of Hyewon Yum’s work and will always pick up one of her books, BUT this story totally stole my heart. Maybe because I was little in elementary school too (spurt came late), maybe because I experienced a fair amount of bullying (“you have freckles, you can’t play with us!”), or maybe because the author just captured the feelings so well. Not just maybe! This will certainly remain a personal fave and I can’t wait to share it with “little” people again!

Resources/activities: If your space is safe, the book lends itself to a good discussion starter on the different forms of bullying, and might encourage kids to share their experiences; discuss strategies for addressing it as well as strategies for how to listen to and be an ally for our friends; read companion books like Stick and Stone by Ferry/Lichtenheld, Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Lovell/Catrow, Chrysanthemum by Henkes; draw about our experiences.

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

5 thoughts on “PPBF: Not Little

  1. The posture (and facial coloration and expression—even though we only see her in profile in the angry image) of the girl is so different when she’s angry than when she’s confident and proud on the cover. Awesome! I’ll add this to my list. Thanks for the rec, Julie!

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