PPBF: I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…

Author: Davide Cali
Illustrator: Benjamin Chaud
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2014
Ages: (from the publisher, but I would say 6+) Text Level Gradient: N
Themes: humorous stories, homework, excuses
Opening: “So, why didn’t you do your homework.” I didn’t do my homework because… An Airplane full of monkeys landed in our yard. 
Summary: (from my library catalogue) A humorous story about the absurd excuses for not doing homework. –Essentially it is a concept book, with a sweet twist at the end!

I like this book because: No need for me to rave about the story, because every page is it’s own! I think any kid who has every taken a moment to think of an excuse will get a real kick out of this. And each spread’s illustration is laden with more hysterical details, with terrific energy and an appealing use of color. Totally satisfying read that you’ll want to repeat immediately.

Resources/activities: I think this book could be used in the classroom to inspire a creative writing class to go above and beyond, to let their imaginations take them by surprise.

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18 thoughts on “PPBF: I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…

  1. Nice. I love the back cover at the end. It is the perfect ending. Wish I’d have thought of that. This is such a good, crazy, little book it would be difficult to go wrong with it. Kids will love it.


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