Count Downton 2* and PPBF: A Child’s Calendar


For your coloring pleasure: Rose MacClare (Lily James) looking so very innocent.

Author: John Updike
Illustrator: Trina Schart Hyman
Publisher: Original text: Alfred A. Knopf, 1965; New edition: Holiday House, 1999/2002
Age: found three: at 3, 4, 5, and up
Themes: American children’s poetry, months
Opening: January: The days are short,/ The sun a spark/ Hung thin between/ The dark and dark.
Summary: (Excerpt from my library catalog) A collection of twelve poems describing the activities in a child’s life and the changes in the weather as the year moves from January to December. A Caldecott Honor Book.

Why I like this book: 
Resources/Activities: Click HERE to view the illustrations for the original printing in 1965, by Nancy Eckholm Burkert; learn songs about days of the week or months – HERE


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17 thoughts on “Count Downton 2* and PPBF: A Child’s Calendar

  1. Happy New Year. This is, naturally, an all time favorite of mine. It embodies everything Trina was good at. You feel like you’ve been to Lyme after you read it, feel like you’ve had dinner with Katrin and the boys. The original is a classic though. Thanks for sharing them here.


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