Count Downton 3*

Count Downton_05(1)

Dr. Clarkson (David Robb), is Scottish, and I can’t think of Scotland without the fond memory of Gavin Maxwell’s book, Ring of Bright Water, which was made into a delightful movie by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna. The book is marvelous, and I became fan enough to read a few of his other books (anyone local is free to borrow what I’ve got), and it’s a wonder I haven’t planned a trip to his old stomping grounds. You might be interested in  someone who did, and their accounts,  HERE. In any case, you’ll understand why I had to draw him as an otter.

11 thoughts on “Count Downton 3*

  1. I think I can appreciate your otter without understanding why he’s an otter. 😉 Funny, but I can’t think of Scotland without thinking, “dang, why didn’t I eat haggis when I was there?” Hahaha!

    Really, the otter is fabulous!


  2. I don’t know Dr Clarkson, but I do know Ring of Bright Water. I always look of otters in our river, but the Mom Person keeps telling me it’s never going to happen. I think that when I see one it will look just like your Dr Clarkson!


  3. Ah – now you’ve given me a book AND a movie to look forward to enjoying in 2014! Not until the D.A. season is complete however!

    Is the movie terribly sad – as in – may traumatize my 10 yr old animal lover?


  4. Popping back to add that we screened RING OF BRIGHT WATER this past weekend – fun! Not too traumatic. Although lots of plot holes…Did those goslings ever learn to fly??
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    And will there yet be love between Dr. Clarkson and Lady Crawley?


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