Count Downton 1*

Count Downton_13-2-1

Julian Fellowes,  creator and writer of Downton Abbey, King of Soaps! Thank you to all those who have tuned in for the count down, your support has been very much appreciated. I’ve created an extra page to make a scroll down of all the images easy in one go. Cheers!

Enjoy Season 4! For more info go to the PBS link – HERE

12 thoughts on “Count Downton 1*

    • Oh, dear – you were behind! One of my favorite things about the series (and this is where you’ll see how weird I am) is the art direction, but what tickles are the color combinations and arrangements, the contrasts in the lighting, and how it all plays together. Yeah, this is where a big screen comes in handy! Glad you liked the sketches.


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