PPBF: Louella Mae, She’s Run Away!

Author: Karen Beaumont Alarcón
Illustrator: Rosanne Litzinger
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, 1997
Genre: fiction
Themes: lost and found possessions, pigs, stories in rhyme
Age Level: 2-6
Opening: Louella Mae, she’s run away!
Look in the cornfields! Look in the hay! Where, oh, where, is Louella Mae?
Synopsis: A growing crowd searches all around the farm for the missing Loella Mae. A playful story with a surprise ending!
Why I like this book: No surprise here: I was attracted to the beautiful artwork of this skilled watercolorist. Litzinger possesses an ability to create action, emotion, chaos and tranquility with few lines and detail, and fabulous color sensitivity. But this is a book I borrow from the library often to remind myself of the perfection in sound, repetition, rhythm and pacing with just 255 words (you bet, I typed this one out!). If I haven’t convinced you to look for this book yet read the following text from one of the spreads: Run tell the neighbors and y’all give a yell ‘fore she wanders off yonder and falls in the… (Gotcha!)
Resource/Activity: Animal Lost and Found: online educational game from PBS; treasure/scavenger hunt ideas for classroom or home.
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24 thoughts on “PPBF: Louella Mae, She’s Run Away!

  1. I think we’re going to look for this one. I don’t know who Louella Mae is, but I like her name. And that picture on the cover is sure enticing. Everybody is looking for her, so she must be pretty special. And I like any story that has Rhythm! Thanks for suggesting this one!


  2. This is right up my alley. Only 255 words??? Sounds like one I need to study for word choice and rhyme! I hope my library has it!…..2 minutes later…..I checked! I can get it through inter-library loan. I put it on hold so I should have it soon!!!


    • I do! When I get a pile from the library I sort them but what I think might be a good book, just by the cover. That gives me insight into what makes a good cover and title!


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