Day 7 (last) #picturebookpicnic giveaway

LOUIS has celebrated World Picnic Day with picnics and his picture book friends – and stuffies – all WEEK! I’ve posted pictures on Instagram where anyone (in the US) can comment – on any of the week’s posts – for a chance to win. Deadline is TODAY, Thurs., 6/24/21 12pm MDT. Winner will be announced on the next Perfect Picture Book Friday!

Today we’re having a #picturebookpicnic in the crabapple tree with old classics and teddy-guests that are hand-made! Just small towels a few rubber bands and ribbon. Plenty of how-to videos on youtube for your convenience.

Chanticleer and the Fox, by Geoffrey Chaucer, illus. by Barbara Cooney, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1958: A sly fox tries to outwit a proud rooster through the use of flattery. (“Adaptation of the ‘Nun’s priest’s tale’ from the Canterbury tales”–T.p. verso.)

Journeycakes Ho!, by Ruth Sawyer and illus. by Robert McCloskey, Viking Press, 1953: Johnny is leaving the farm because of hard times when his Journey Cake leads him on a merry chase that results in a farm yard full of animals and the family all together again. (my blogpost HERE)

The Crows of Pearlblossom, by Aldous Huxley and illus. by Barbara Cooney, Random House, 1967: When Mrs. Crow discovers a snake has been eating her eggs, Mr. Crow and his friend Owl fool Mr. Snake and put an end to that problem.

Miss Twiggley’s Tree, by Dorothea Warren Fox, Parents’ Magazine Press, 1966: see my blog post HERE

*Book descriptions form my library’s catalog.

*I will announce the winner in my PPBF post tomorrow – GOOD LUCK!

#pb10for10 – fresh classics

pb 10 for 10 015

I just had to jump in, so forgive me, please, if I am not following guidelines. In the vein of ‘make new friends’, but keep the old’, here are 10 picture book gems I wouldn’t want to live without, and I hope one or two may be new to you. Of course, I’m using the label old rather loosely – a book I may have read to my now adult kids. In no particular order:

Miss Twiggley’s Tree


Brave Irene

Brave Irene

One Morning in Maine


Tikki Tikki Tembo



Willy and Hughwilly-hugh

Dinner at Alberta’s



My Little Henmylittlehen1

The Three Robbers


The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit*maulwurf

We read this title in German, but I prefer the direct translation: From the Little Mole Who Wanted to Know Who Pooped on His Head

Miss Rumphius


Cathy Mere at Reflect & Refine and Mandy Robek at Enjoy and Embrace Learning organize this event. Look for the hashtag #pb10for10.




PPBF: Journey Cake, Ho!

JCHcover Heading for the hills this weekend – will reply later!

Author: Ruth Sawyer Illustrator: Robert McCloskey Publisher: The Viking Press, 1953 Ages: 3+ Themes: farm/farmers, animals, run-away food Opening: There were three of them: the old woman, Merry; the old man, Grumble: and Johnny, the bound-out boy. They lived in a log cabin, t’other side of Tip Top Mountain. Summary: (from my library catalogue) Johnny is leaving the farm because of hard times when his Journey Cake leads him on a merry chase that results in a farm yard full of animals and the family all together again. JCHtitlepage I like this book because: I adore the flavor of dialect in this classic’s rhythmic text from Ruth Sawyer, with words like ‘this-wise’, ‘nettlesome’, and ‘all of a tucker’. The very simple use of just two contrasting tones from master book maker Robert McCloskey, of Make Way for Ducklings fame, make the pictures pop, but I really appreciate the bold line strokes used to create texture and infuse energy in these traditional illustrations (pssst -I plan to post more McCloskey favorites this year). JCHrunawayfood Resources/activities: Read about the history of America’s first pancakes, and make the recipe – HERE ; put on a play, like the kids from the Atlanta School – with music! – in the video below (17:30mins – play is over after 13 )

For more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.