PPBF: Some Bugs

BugsCoverAuthor: Angela DiTerlizzi
Illustrator: Brendan Wenzel
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2014
Ages: 4-8yrs
Themes: stories in rhyme, insects
Opening: Some bugs sting. Some bugs bite. Some bugs stink. And some bugs fight.
Summary: (from my library catalog) From butterflies and moths to crickets and cicadas, a rhyming exploration of backyard-bug behavior.

BugsTitle I like this book because: it features simple, spot on rhyme. Not too tight – just right! Bright, mixed-media collage illustrations are engaging and vibrant – makes you want to jump up for spring! (Which I hope has sprung when I return from the old country!)

BugsButterfResources/activities: get out your magnifying glasses, turn over leaves, rocks, mulch – you’ll be surprised to see what you can find. Draw or take photos, create a class collage. Do this at repeated intervals throughout the year and gain a better sense of what otherwise remains a hidden environment.

BugsMelonHeading out on a search for picture books on foreign soil, so I won’t be PPBF-ing (or checking out everyone else’s posts – sorry!) until after mid-March. Until then keep up with the PPBF posts and parent/teacher resources you can find on Susanna Hill’s blog – HERE