PPBF: The Ladybug Race

LadybugRaceCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Amy Nielander
Publisher: Pomegranate Kids, 2015
Age: 3-103
Themes: insects, competition, wordless picture books
Opening: Introducing: the Versizer! The book you are holding in your hands is a marvel of squishy science. After many years of mulling and figuring, I have developed a device called the Versizer that will transform lengthy novels, myths, and epic poems into delightful nuggets of nonsense.
Summary: (from my library catalog) The plots of nine classic stories are summarized in this collection of silly verses.

LadybugRace1Why I like this book: So simple, yet so clever and so much fun! Like most kids, I like looking at bugs and these are all drawn to actual size!

LadybugRace2Resources/Activities: Perfect read for an insect unit: discuss the variety of one species, and find out which ladybug species to look for in your geographic area; search for the word ‘ladybug’ in different languages and talk about the direct translations; how are ladybugs beneficial in the garden? (I sure could use their help defending my currant bushes!)

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