PPBF: Mrs. Goose’s Baby

MrsGoosesBabyCover.jpgAuthor/Illustrator: Charlotte Voake
Publisher: Walker, 1989
Age: 3-103
Themes: insects, competition, wordless picture books
Opening: One day Mrs.Goose found an egg and made a nest to put it in.
Summary: (from my library catalog) Mrs. Goose finds an egg, sits on it to keep it safe and warm, and soon has a baby all her own. But Mrs. Goose’s baby isn’t just like her.

MrsGoosesBaby2Why I like this book: This book has a rare quality, quiet yet kind of quirky. The humor is so subtle it’s barely there. It forced me to slow down and really think about these characters; the plot is so simple you barely notice the arc. The reader knows all, yet is compelled to see how the main character will react when she finds out. This book deserves a hug!

MrsGoosesBaby3.jpgResources/Activities: This is a great book to lead a discussion on adoption, or making your own family, and how love can develop.

MrsGoosesBaby6.jpgFor more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.


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