PPBF, my 500th post and 4th blogiversary!

To celebrate the almost 20,000 visitors and over 50,000 views, over the next weeks I will feature 4 classic favorites of mine, in which one animal is present in all four. Guess which animal and leave an entry in the comment section on April 8th.  I will pull a *winner for a copy of another favorite book…which will be featured 4 weeks from today, on April 15th! Thanks for following!

Rosie'sWalkCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Pat Hutchins
Publisher: Simon and Schuster, 1968
Ages: 3-6
Themes: farm animals, linear stories, picture book classic
Opening: Rosie the hen went for a walk

Rosie'sWalkTitlepageSummary: (from my library catalog) In this picture book, with a story told in very few words, Rosie the hen takes a walk. Although Rosie doesn’t know it, the fox is chasing her.

Rosie'sWalk2.pngI like this book because: The use of bold analogous color and array of patterns in well-balanced yet striking compositions is still fresh! The story is simple, yet enthralling. (*notice the title page sets the stage, above)

Rosie'sWalk3Resources/activities: perfect accompaniment for teaching prepositions (can you come up with more?), or analogous color harmonies; create your own Rosie’s Walk using equipment on the playground.

Rosie'sWalk4.jpgFor existing PPBF selections including resources and activities, go to Susanna Hill’s blog: HERE


*giveaway rules: find an animal that is present in all four of the classics in the series of picture books, starting with this week’s recommendation, Rosie’s Walk. Mention your guess in the comment section after the fourth book is featured on April 8th.

52 thoughts on “PPBF, my 500th post and 4th blogiversary!

  1. I wanted to stop in and holler “Happy blogaversary, Julie-girl.”
    Love your contest and this story is adorable. The art is stunning.
    And why wouldn’t you have all those visitors. Your blog is a beautiful thing. Congrats. xoxo

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  2. Oooooohh, readers just love it when they know something a character doesn’t. Creates such a delicious sense of tension. Looks like a great book! Thanks for highlighting. And hmmm, now I’ve got to ID animals…..this may be more than my ADD brain can handle. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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