PPBF: Over in the Meadow

No foolin’! The 3rd stunner in the *giveaway series to celebrate my 4th blogiversary!OitMcoverAuthor: John Langstaff
Illustrator: Feodor Rojankovsky
Publisher: Voyager Books/Harcourt, 1957
Age: 3 and up
Themes: mothers, meadow animals, cumulative stories
OpeningOver in the meadow in the sand in the sun, lived an old mother turtle and her little turtle one.OITMtitlepage3
Summary: (from my library catalog) A presentation of an old counting rhyme about meadow animals and their activities.

OverintheMeadow4Why I like this book: This was one of my favorites to read aloud when the kids were very young, and one they learned by heart quite easily. This rhyme has been rewritten and illustrated numerous times since, with the same or with a completely different cast of characters. Some of my faves: Ezra Jack Keats, David A. Carter, Louise Voce, Jane Cabrera, and Paul Galdone.

OitM5.jpgResources/Activities: Make lists of animals and/or insects and identify some of their regular activities; Discuss where we find meadows; visit a meadow.

OitMfinalspread7.jpgFor more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

OverInTheMeadowhalftitle2*giveaway contest rules: find an animal that is present in all four of the classics in the series of picture books, starting with Rosie’s Walk. Mention your guess in the comment section after the fourth book is featured on April 8th.

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