Na nu! I love that German phrase. It’s sort of like ‘well, now’, but it’s so full of expectancy and spirit. That about sums it up for me after 6 months of blogging, something that I never imagined myself doing 7 months ago. Thanks Susanna Leonard Hill, and all my giving friends in the 12x12in’12 Challenge – I like it!

So many are celebrating this week too: Bethany’s Birthday, Dot Day, Carter’s Blogiversary, Jo-anne’s Third+ Competition, Susanna’s Summer Send-Off, and Elizabeth is celebrating all  month long!

To mark the occasion I am posting the images for my new business card, front and back. Should you care to leave a comment, it would certainly be considered a positive addition to my day.

Thanks for taking a peek!

29 thoughts on “Un-Blogiversary

  1. Hello Julie – sorry if I am doing this the wrong way – not commenting through your blog. I always enjoy your thoughts, images – such a great eye and whimsy – and impact. Love the card. Good luck with all you do and hope to see more of you! Thanks for our raspberries! And want some horse poop?! Never got that to you last year.



  2. LOVE your business cards! So artsy on one side and so colorful and whimsical on the other! Also so glad you took up blogging – the blogosphere wouldn’t be the same without you 🙂 Also Phyllis has not shut up about that bakery you took her too, so I guess she’s going to have to come out and visit you again one of these days 🙂


  3. I love the JRZ – or jrz – my keyboard can’t make such pretty letters! I love the back too, with its fanciful creatures. I like to jot notes on the back of cards that I collect, and it would make me sad to have to squeeze words around those little faces!


  4. Better “na nu” than “na ja”. 🙂 I love the cards. They capture the spirit of your wonderful illustrations beautifully. If I could offer one suggestion, maybe consider changing the font to something with a little more flow. Like a nice clean font with rounded corners. I think it looks good as it is, but with your swoopy lines and circles, I’m feeling the urge for a font that matches the feeling of movement. Still, nice work! My business cards look like an ugly duckling by comparison. It seems like there are a lot of blogiversaries of late! So much to celebrate!


  5. it makes me smile and be very proud of you, the card, the blogging, your hard work, all of it! You have cause for a BIG celebration/ a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished so far…


  6. Julie…definitely a super business card! Both sides are such an amazing expression of your talent and gift of creativity. 🙂 Is it matte or glossy? I ask that because I did a bookmark a year ago that I love (which is kind of my business card), but I made it glossy, thinking that as a bookmark it would hold up better. Unfortunately, people are not able to “scribble” on it…and since I put one in every book I mail, it would have been nice if I could sign them. Oh well, that’s what mistakes are for, I guess…so we learn for the next time. 🙂
    And happy 6 months of blogging…we are the lucky ones. 🙂


    • The printer pointed out the difference between the two with that very fact Vivian! Though I didn’t leave much space, I figure now that people have to sign electronically in even smaller spaces on the blasted credit card swipers, it will be enough!


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