PPBF: Zoozical

Author: Judy Sierra
Illustrator: Marc Brown
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, 2011
Genre: fiction
Themes: rhyme, talent show, zoo animals
Age Level: 3-8
Opening: One blustery morning, when frosty winds blew, When families stayed home, and when field trips were few, The midwinter doldrums arrived at the zoo.
Synopsis: When the winter doldrums arrive at the zoo, a very small hippo and a young kangaroo decide to stage a ZooZical, to display their singing, dancing, acrobatic, and other talents to the people of Springfield.
Why I like this book: This book had me with the end papers! Simple line drawings and coarse (yet not itchy!) textures compliment such funny rhymes : Then the snakes (by mistake) tied themselves up in knots. Ocelots lost their spots.
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28 thoughts on “PPBF: Zoozical

  1. “Simple line drawings and coarse (yet not itchy!) textures..” love this description, Julie. i always enjoy illustrators describing picture books! Great review and I like your eco-link.


  2. Ha! I’m having a hoot of a time reading your replies to everyone, never mind the book…lol. And I daren’t guess what you would say with my comment…lol. But I do love the cover of this book and I’m itchin just readin your fab review ….lol.
    Great one Julie!


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