Jim: A Cautionary Tale


Title: Jim, Who Ran Away from His Nurse, and Was Eaten by a Lion

Author: Hilaire Belloc

Illustrator: Mini Grey

Publisher’s Info: Random House, 2009

Age Level: 7-9 yrs

Genre: fiction picture book

Themes: behavior, zoo visit

There was a boy whose name was Jim: His friends were very good to him. They gave him tea, and cakes, and jam, and slices of delicious ham, and chocolate with pink inside, and little tricycles to ride, and read him stories through and through, and even took him to the zoo.

First written in 1907, this classic tale of a boy who ran off from his nurse and was gobbled up by the zoo lion. Updated with dynamic illustrations by Mini Grey.

See Susanna Hill Leonard’s blog for the Perfect Picture Books List of reviews.

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