W.I.X.: Safe Haven

Often hidden in a secret compartment, the rich of a distant period in history stashed their savings on the baldachin (from Italian: baldacchino), or canopy  over the bed, like the beds you may have seen while touring a castle in Europe. From this practice comes the German idiom ‘auf die hohe Kante legen’ place on the high ledge’, which means to ‘save some’, namely money.

Here we might we might sock away money, or squirrel it away, and if we’re lucky have a nice ‘nest egg’, though that money has generally been saved for a specific purpose, like buying a nest, or house if your into having a roof over your head!

When I was learning German I somehow convinced myself, that when it was said that one ‘has something on the high ledge’, I thought the person  must be intelligent, had some smarts ‘up there’! The Germans may have shook their heads at me, but it took me years to get the dirt on this one! Maybe because their is a similarity to the saying, one ‘hat ‘viel auf den Kasten’ – has a lot on the box, box standing in for head, which does mean the person is brainy!

9 thoughts on “W.I.X.: Safe Haven

  1. It makes sense to me that ‘has something on higher ledge’ could mean the person is intelligent. ‘Higher ledge’ makes me think of someone putting a money jar on the top shelf so not to be tempted to dip into it.


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