A Birthday Present From Me to You

Susanna Leonard Hill’s Birthday Contest: write a children’s story about a very creative and/or unique birthday celebration in 300 words or less.  Poetry or prose, your choice.

Here’s my entry: A Birthday Present From Me to You

Your birthday is tomorrow. I want to give you a present, but I don’t know what.

Mom tried to help. “Think of things Riley likes to do.”

You like to ride your bicycle. You have a helmet and a bell.

You like to read. You have 2 big bookshelves and a library card.

You like taking naps. You have gazillions of stuffed animals and a moon pillow.

“ I don’t know what else Riley likes to do.”

“Does Riley draw? How about some crayons or paint?”

“Riley already has every art thing, and a humungous collection of coloring books.”


“At least 7 different decks, and every board game I can think of.”

“You know what Mom? I don’t think there’s anything Riley doesn’t have.”

“Then let’s put our brains together for more idea power!”

Mom called it brainstorming. We said anything that came in to our heads. But nothing came into my head. No storm, not even a breeze.

Mom said, “This calls for something drastic, like a special weapon!”

“A WEAPON? You know Riley can’t have weapons either Mom!”

“I’m sorry,” she said, “That’s not quite what I meant! What we need to do now, is turn the problem on its head.”

“Like upside-down?

“We have to see it in another way,” Mom said. “Instead of thinking what Riley would like to get, try to think of something you would like to give.”

“Aww, Mom. That’s the same thing.” Mom sent me outside to think about it.

I want to give you something special. Something you don’t have. Something you’ll like. Something no one else can give you.

That’s it! Something only I can give you! I went straight to work. It took all day.