PPBF: One Witch

Author: Laura Leuck
Illustrator: S.D. Schindler

Publisher: Walker & Company, 2003
Age Level: 3-8
Themes: witches, Halloween, counting, stories in rhyme
Opening: One witch / on a hill / had an empty pot / to fill.
Summary: (from Kirkus Reviews) In jaunty rhyme, one witch gathers up a fish tail from two cats, a blackbird’s claw from three scarecrows, and similarly appetizing ingredients from similarly iconic ookie-spookies, up to the spider’s soup donated by ten werewolves.
Why I like this book: I admit I fell for the illustrations first, especially the fine pen line textures, and subtle contrast of dark red tongues and sharp white teeth, even tthe spectrum-opposing harmonies.

Snapshot 2012-12-27 14-33-45

But I soon came to admire the simple yet horrific list of cauldron ingredient . Just yucky enough!
Resources/Activities: discuss symbols of Halloween and their origins; invite students to contribute imaginary ingredients to ‘add’ to the list, more in mucky measure!

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34 thoughts on “PPBF: One Witch

    • I am very honored! But please accept my apologies – I am in a crunch with November approaching and cannot accept AND fulfill the requirements. A bunch of illustrations to finish, a writing AND a sketching challenge too! Yikes!


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