PPBF: The Day It Rained Hearts

Author/Illustrator: Felicia Bond
Publisher: Laura Geringer Books, 2002
Age Level: 4-6yrs
Themes: valentines, rain, imagination, friendship
Opening: One day it started raining hearts. and Cornelia Augusta caught one.
Summary: (from the publisher) Originally published in 1983 as Four Valentines in a Rainstorm, The Day It Rained Hearts follows young Cornelia Augusta as she makes creative use of a most unusual downpour. Along with the name change, Bond’s offering has also been enlarged, adding a generous white frame around sweet and simple vignettes of Cornelia fashioning a quartet of handcrafted Valentine’s Day cards; includes a heart-themed sticker sheet.
What I think: This is my favorite Valentine’s Day related book. It’s simple story is heartwarming and so much fun I wish it would happen to me! Personally, I prefer the former title, and the lack of valentines in the tree in the last illo – the original illustration ‘leaves’ you free to imagine!

Resources/Activities: What else – make your own Valentine’s Day Cards! Talk about what each recipient likes and fashion the cards to suit; Stories about friends and valentines, songs and finger plays.

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25 thoughts on “PPBF: The Day It Rained Hearts

  1. This book is ADORABLE! What a precious choice. Gotta read it. I love the former title too, Julie. It’s a feel good title. A lot of times I pick up a book because of the title. That one would make me pick the book up. Happy weekend. I must get back to doing PPBF. I truly miss it. (Love that activity!)


  2. Wonderful – I would like to use this book next week in my CSU Creative Movement Teaching Class as a springboard for a movement lesson. We are working on generating lessons for kids from the written word as well as visual art! And our class meets on Valentine’s Day! Thanks!!


  3. I enjoy your picks. There is always so much balance in the covers and illustrations. I’ve noticed that as I’ve read your reviews each week. This is a great book Valentines Day and kids will have fun using their imaginations!


  4. Wow! I’m amazed at all the Valentine’s Day books that are out there! How do you choose?! This one looks very cute. I appreciate that you shared both versions! I’ll have to check them out. I wonder if it thunders when it rains hearts?


    • I read all that I could in the last month and came back to this favorite! Mind you, I read between 75-100 a wk, and there aren’t that many, at least at my library. The Christmas selection was quite another task!


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