SkADaMo 29

Martha Endell

But she still repeated the same words, continually exclaiming, ‘Oh, the river!” over and over again. ‘ I know it’s like me!’ she exclaimed, ‘I know that I belong to it. I know that it’s the natural company of such as I am! It comes from country places, where there was once no harm in it – and it creeps through the dismal streets, defiled and miserable – and it goes away, like my life, to a great sea, that is always troubled – and I feel that I must go with it!’

17 thoughts on “SkADaMo 29

  1. Thanks Kathryn. I came straight from my last Copperfield ‘class’, all sorry that it’s over, and had to whip up a sketch to keep myself ‘honest’! So I took the Prof’s suggestion because I liked the passage so much.


      • Sounds wonderful, our kids are looking forward to the 1st day of Advent tomorrow as well. As far as drawing, I’ll keep doing more Illustration Friday sketches, and am still working on the Tomie dePaola piece (we have until Dec. 14th). Don’t have much of a shot but it’s fun to work on, and wonderful practice. I’m saving up for the SCBWI NY conference in February either way. Also working on a couple new portfolio pieces for the Illustrator Showcase so that will keep me busy as well. Can’t get enough drawing right!? 🙂 Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!


  2. I wish I were one of those aficionados who speaks eloquently about art. I’m not. Yet, I can see so much emotion in your sketch. There’s a strength in the pitch of her raised shoulder and such determination in her face. Even so, the wisps of hair and the wispy strokes suggests as the others have noted, a delicate sensibility. I hope this is going in a frame.


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