PPBF: Lucy Rescued

Author: Harriet Ziefert
Illustrator: Barroux (click for HZ’s post on visiting Barroux)
Publisher: Blue Apple, 2012
Themes: dogs, animal rescue
Age Level: 4 and up
Opening: Here is Lucy at the pound, where we found her. She needed to be rescued. Her time was almost up.
Summary: (from the publisher) When Lucy is adopted from the local animal shelter, her new family thinks that they have chosen a perfect pet. And she is, right up to the minute she starts to howl, and howl, and howl some more. Treats, tricks, a soft red bed, lullabies, and even doggy therapy cannot stop her “Wah-ooo-ooo-roo!” It is the little girl who figures out that Lucy needs a comfy friend (her own stuffed animal) and Lucy who figures out that she needs as many as she can get her paws on. And then, all is well.

Why I like this book: I’ll admit, the cover grabbed me! And the end papers. And the seemingly simple yet heartwarming story. But the illustrator was able to show how an anxious puppy’s howling can fill a room. I have never owned a dog, but I live close to the local university. New college kids move in next door almost every year, getting a puppy and leaving it home a lot (sad to have to add this) so I know what puppy howling ‘looks’ like, and how heartbreaking it feels to hear it. Barroux must know this too!
Resources/Activities: Volunteering at your local Humane Society isn’t something kids can easily do on their own, but here are some ways kids can help; offer to watch a neighbor’s puppy when they go out!

27 thoughts on “PPBF: Lucy Rescued

  1. Uh oh. Since we lost our dog, I’ve been trying to avoid thoughts of the pound/animal rescue, because I know I’ll want another dog. If I have to go looking now, I’m blaming you and your PPBF pick, Julie. 🙂


    • As I am currently struggling with our ‘dog-sit’ over who’s the ‘boss’ in my house, I have more compassion with you! Otherwise, always there for the underdog, so I secretly hope one warms its way into your house!


  2. I know that sad hollow howl from the pet, Julie. Our neighbour at our previous apartment used to leave her dog alone every day because of work. Sounds like a heartwarming story, will try look for this one. My daughter is desperate to have pets in the house (I’m the one saying NO); she’ll love this book 🙂


  3. It’s tough for me to visit a pet shop, let alone a pound. We have two cats, and they would NOT appreciate a dog in the house! Thanks for sharing this one, Julie…there are many cats and dogs who need homes. My heart goes out to them.


  4. What a great book! So glad that something was found to soothe Lucy’s howling. It would be a good book to share in a family that’s contemplating a pet, so that the kids know what might happen, and what might be a way to deal with it. Thanks, Julie!


  5. Thanks Julie, for posting this book! I think I might need to get my hands on it (loving the illustration.) Also, the story, such a gentle way of presenting a somewhat challenging subject for kids.


  6. I always like Harriet Ziefert! She writes a lot of dog books. i know a lot about puppy howling! Quite often we have puppies stay with us and I know that being in an unfamiliar place is scary. They can sure let us know about it! My Mom Person always has some pretend dogs to share with the pups and it most always helps. My buddy Walker is 5 yrs old and still always sleeps with his stuffed buddies. Thanks for sharing this book!


  7. Well, you got me with the title and cover! You know I’m a complete sucker for animal stories – especially rescued dogs of which I have two 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ve read this… but the fact that I’m not sure is a little worrisome… maybe it’s bedtime 🙂 Thanks for adding this one to our list, Julie!


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