Mother’s Day – All Bets Are In

I have learned it’s better to ask for something on Mother’s Day. You know, increase the odds of my satisfaction by giving them a fighting chance!

The first wager: coffee in bed.  Okay so I woke up three hours before anyone else (wrote an outline for a picture book manuscript) and put a fresh pot on, but the first one up brought me a cuppa! “Thanks Sweetie!”

The second wager: no cooking for me – all day! Bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, pizza-bagels for lunch. Didn’t mention nutrition – left room for artistic interpretation. “Delicious!”

The third wager: “How about some help with yardwork?” Okay….so the stakes were kind of high. There is something to be said for providing specifics, like today.

Two out of three. A fixed-game you say? More like handicap betting. Not even-money, but in my book – a WIN!

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – All Bets Are In

  1. good one julie! some mother’s days we hit the jackpot, others we are disappointed, and once in a while we get a mixed bag of emotions. glad the odds were with you today!


    • Piles of weeds, dead stalks and ripped out vines provide proof of productivity – so yes, it was a good one! Earned the right to a good read in a lawn chair, so I’d say your timing is perfect! Thanks again!


  2. hey wish out of 3 aint bad, and yes it’s all in the details! Happy Mother’s day, Julie… you gave me a pre work laugh this Monday morning!


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