PPBF: Dylan the Villain

DylantheVillainCoverAuthor/Illustrator: K.G. Campbell
Publisher: Viking, 2016
Age: 4-6
Themes: heroes, villains, friendship
OpeningMr. and Mrs. Snivels were minding their own business, when they happened to have a baby.
Summary: (from my library catalog) Dylan is the baddest little super-villain this side of pre-school? Until he meets the dreaded Addison Van Malice. When their teacher holds a Diabolical Robot Building Contest, Dylan sets out to prove he is the most sinister super-villain of all time.

DylanVillain1Why I like this book: I was taken with the cover, and my interest anchored with the opening line! I especially like the juxtaposition in using soft color and lines, which is quite the opposite of what we usually find in comics or graphic novels portraying villains or superheroes. And of course the dry humor, in both text and illustrations. Although my own child suffers from severe food allergies, I think this will be a good segue into discussing how very dangerous it can be to expose someone to an allergen intentionally, and at the same time let those having to deal with allergies see a little humor in the tragedy of it all.

DylanVillain3Resources/Activities: discuss food allergies and the tragic consequences of exposure; talk about the possible differences between villains and super-heroes, and the different ways their stories can be told; why do you think the author/illustrator chose the colors he did and how do colors amplify what an author wants us to understand about main characters?

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