Blog Conversion: Generate a Traffic Jam!

Jam on the Brakes: One Tip – One Result

Jeff Goins, leader of the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge, invited readers to a free webinar with Derek Halpern, creator of Social Triggers marketing blog: How to Generate a Landslide of Blog Traffic that Converts.

Halpern shared a wealth of knowledge and an opportunity to learn much more with his online course targeting bloggers who have something worth teaching others.

One striking point I took away was to concentrate on generating one tip that will provide one result for the reader. Results for the reader provide the blogger with a subscriber.  A list of tips, too many to read, too many to try now results in a bookmark, generally left unread, and doomed to future deletion. So next time you think you have to share it all in one go – jam on the brakes!

Stay tuned for more ‘traffic updates’…