My Entry – Susanna’s Illustrator Contest

Susanna Hill is putting on her First Ever Pretty Much World Famous Illustration Contest for Children’s Illustrators! Rules to follow: draw/paint/create a children’s picture book cover illustration (no text required – art only) for one of the top finishers in the March Madness Fractured Fairy Tale Writing Contest- read them HERE. Because it took a while to decide on an entry, I thought I might as well delve into some of my process, as I do so enjoy it when other artists share. I had good visual reactions to both the Three Wiggly Worms Bluff and The Jackrabbit Who Cried Gilamonster, so I sketched… 3WWBworms And sketched – a lot more than I am showing here.Jack rabbit Who Cried Gllamonster_08(3) (1) I came up with one cover for the The Three Wiggly Worms Bluff, but it didn’t float my boat… 3 wiggly worms_03(5) So I continued with The Jackrabbit — and got into a more graphic look… JRgraphic1blue JackRabbitGrahic2 Which also didn’t do it for me! So I am glad I stuck with it because I do like what happened next. So here is my entry… Please go to Susanna’s blo to check out the others – HERE