PPBF: Oh No, George!

Author/Illustrator: Chris Haughton (interview)
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2012
Age Level: 2 and up
Themes: dogs, temptation, humor

Opening: Harry is going out. “Will you be good, George?” asks Harry.
“Yes,” says George. “I’ll be very good.”
Summary: (from Candlewick) Bold, hilarious artwork captures the innocent charm of affable George, a dog who is trying to be good – with disastrous results.
Why I like this book: Bright, charming and irresistible! A lot of reviewers refer to the ‘retro’ illustrations, but I can’t agree: I find them fresh and exhilarating! One of the few PBs I’ve had to read over and over – in quick succession! So simple, yet so brilliant! All dog owners will take to this story, but also people like me, who sometimes just cannot resist indulging even when I know better. I just polished off a bowl of chips with onion dip. Every time I feel crummy afterwards, but every time I can’t seem to help myself! I hope George is not plagued by these feelings of guilt too!
Resources/Activities: the making of – story behind the book; bake this raspberry and strawberry cake, inspired by Oh No, George!

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