PPBF: 13 Ways to Eat a Fly

Author: Sue Heavenrich
 David Clark
Publisher: Charlesbridge, 2021
Themes: flies, counting, humorous non-fiction
Opening: See image below

Summary: (from the publisher) Thirteen flies become tasty snacks in this clever reverse counting book about predators and prey. Science meets subtraction as a swarm of flies buzzes along, losing one member to each predator along the way. Includes a guide to eating bugs, complete with nutritional information for a single serving of flies.

I like this book because: the reaction! I just shared this book with a friend and former biologist and the look on her face reading the first page was priceless! disgust and laughter in the first paragraph! we were just talking about education reform, and THIS book epitomizes the approach we would like to see, coupling fun with learning! Solid facts with hilarious humor – and many other levels of practical knowledge. PERFECT!

Resources/activities: pick one of the 13 ways and delve deeper – choose the predator you like the most, and the one that grosses you out the most! And be sure to share your knowledge at the dinner table! Spring is here and so are other insects. Take a walk and note what plants they are attracted to and discuss why you think so; look it up to see if you are close with your assumptions. Make a fly puppet from an old sock (the one that lost its pair), buttons, some stuffing, and pipe cleaners.

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