Day 6 #picturebookpicnic giveaway

LOUIS will be celebrating World Picnic Day with picnics and his picture book friends – and stuffies – all WEEK! I’ll post pictures on Instagram where anyone (in the US) can comment – on any of the week’s posts – for a chance to win. Deadline is Thursday, 6/24/21 12pm MDT. Winner will be announced on the next Perfect Picture Book Friday!

Today’s stuffie-guests are Walross, Komodo, Pooh, Wolfie, H. Hog and his elephant and horse, McEelface, and Elk! Activities to freshen up and cool down on this HOT day: sprinkler hop, book swap, ice pop, and sofa flop!

Bubbles…UP!, by Jacqueline Davies and illus. by Sonia Sánchez, Katherine Tegen, 2021: A day at the community pool is full of underwater magic–dunking and diving with friends, somersaulting, walking on your hands, and bursting up through the surface like a tortoise. But when a thunderstorm comes and a little brother ventures too close to the pool’s edge, will our main character be quick enough and brave enough to save the day?

I’m a Hare, So There!, by Julie Rowan-Zoch, HMH, 2021: (shameless!) An exasperated hare and plucky (ground!) squirrel engage in a battle of wits to determine who’s who in this hilarious author-illustrator debut for fans of I Yam a Donkey and Grumpy Monkey.

The True Tale of a Giantess, by Anne Renaud and illus. by Marie Lafrance, Kids Can Press, 2018: Anna Swan lived an inspiring life as big as she was, filled with fame, wealth, world travel and true love. In this thoroughly researched picture book biography, Anne Renaud uses playful and rhythmic language and first-person storytelling to perfectly capture the essence of this unique woman’s uplifting life. (*snippet from amazon description)

Fox & Chick: The Sleepover: and Other Stories, by Sergio Ruzzier, Chronicle, 2021: In three stories, Fox comforts Chick on a sleepover, helps Chick hang a painting, and throws Chicks a surprise birthday party.

*Book descriptions form my library’s catalog.

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I think Wolfie fell asleep – too many cupcakes!

PPBF: 3 Counting Books

TwoMiceCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Sergio Ruzzier
Publisher: Clarion, 2015
Summary: review from Kirkus – HERE

One,Two:UngerercoverAuthor/Illustrator: Tomi Ungerer
Publisher: Phaidon, 2014 (first published in Gernman, Diogenes, 1973)
Summary: review from Kirkus – HERE

123BookCoverAuthor/Illustrator: R.O. Blechman
Publisher: Creative Editions, 2013
Summary: review from Kirkus – HERE

Why I like these books: I found these three in short succession, so I thought I’d share them together. Each has deceptively simple yet engaging artwork and at the same time is completely unique in content – key to a great concept book! And my personal preference – they’re all humorous! I’ve linked each for further information via their Kirkus review (above).

Resources/Activities: Read them together – or with other counting books; create your own, with drawings or photos of items from the classroom or home;



For more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.