PPBF: I Dare You Not To Yawn


Author: Hélène Boudreau
Serge Bloch
Candlewick Press, 2013

Age Level: 4-8

Opening: Yawns are sneaky. They can creep up on you when you least expect them.
Summary: (Excerpt from my library catalog) A comical cautionary tale for bedtime-resistant youngsters which challenges them to avoid yawning, from a dozing dog and a cuddly blanket to endearing baby orangutans who stretch out long arms for a nighttime hug.

Why I Like This Book: Boudreau has taken a very simple premise and concocted an inviting (Ha! Not me! I won’t do it!) exercise – yep, exercise, in what it would take to keep yourself from loosing the bet, but you do – in reading this you are doomed to drowsy depths despite the engrossing, energetic linework of Serge Bloch. Read it and risk it – I dare you!

Next week I’ll be joining the community of PPBF reviewers linked together on Susanna Hill’s site – a fantastic resource for teachers and parents!


I just picked up this inspiring new picture book, and would like to suggest we ‘use it’ for today’s prompt: WORDLES

Author: Amy Krause Rosenthal
Serge Bloch
Chronicle Books, 2013
Age Level: 4 and up
Themes: word play, english language, homonyms
Opening: “A book of wordles? What is a wordle?”
Summary: (From my library catalog) Uses colorful illustrations to demonstrate examples of “wordles,” or wordplay phrases that sound alike but have different meanings, including “I see” and “icy,” and “I scream” and “ice cream.”

I find it inspiring not necessarily for incorporating more homonyms in picture book manuscripts, but to have fun with illustration ideas, as Serge Bloch does with energetic and flowing simplicity. For those who don’t follow regularly, I have been doodling together with the Doodle-in-May facebook group, now again in July (we are having way too much fun!), and this month we are lightening Alison‘s load by suggesting prompts too (check out the last one I suggested if you’ve never heard of Notan).  I like using pencil and paper, and recently I’ve been learning how to make use of my tablet’s simple app ‘S Note’.


Taxi crab

I love playing with the word prompt, with the rhythm and magic that a rhyme can offer too. Here’s a quick one done in Adobe Illustrator for robot (July 12) and though I could draw a robot doing many things, why not go with a wordle when the opportunity arises!