A Holiday Story Contest


My entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Second Annual Holiday Contest: read the rules and other entries here

Splash! Crash! Dash!

(read or sing to the rhythm of Jingle Bells)

Driving through the canyon, in a rickety SUV
Mom and Dad in front, and I sat with Marie
On the radio, they played every Christmas song
And to each and every one, my sister sang along

Oh – Splash! Splash! Splash! Through the air, hot chocolates taken flight
On my face, and in my hair – you can guess I was uptight!

Christmas at the cabin, is what Mother had in mind
After two days with my sister, I felt so confined
Nestled in the woods, with no gameboy or tv
Done with playing cards, and losing monopoly –

“Oh – Nash! Nash! Nash! Let’s go out! Make angels or a fort.
Better yet, grab the skis, we’ll glide around for sport.”

Branches crack and pop, as we fail to keep the course
Just how will we manage, to survive without remorse?
Stumbling ’round the lodgepoles, with the snow up to our knees
It seems my sister’s goal, to slay us with her skis –

Oh – Crash! Crash! Crash! Up and down, covered head to toe
Oh what fun it is NOT to face plant in the snow.

On and on we forge, covered in bits of ice
Frozen to the core, I suggest we head home twice
My gloves are pretty useless, my bindings kinda loose
What is that sound behind me, a Grizzly or a moose?

Oh – Dash! Dash! Dash! Fast as we can, sticking to the track;
Somehow she, instinctively, leads us sound and safely back!