WIX: Water Under the Bridge

Recently the sister of a German friend was visiting from the Old Country (I love saying that!). We were all speaking German, two of us throwing in bits of English. For those who speak more than one language, and have lived in another country, you get accustomed to this ‘misch-masch’, as well as throwing in idioms from the other language, as happened last Friday. “What is water under the bridge?” the sister asked. At this point I remembered how absurd some common idioms sound to the foreign ear. “Well, just that which has passed is in the past. No need to fret over it if you can’t change it.”

As I ready myself for my first writer/illustrator conference (just 2 more days!), I consider the fact that I am no tadpole. Yet earnestly I prepare to greet the tumultuous PB industry head on. I know the traditional industry is is an odd position of uncertainty , and that chances of success can be likened to water cupped in a hand. The time of youthful vigor cannot be reclaimed, and I may be diving in a bit late, but I have lived in the water and learned. The more I write the more I am aware of my storehouse of experience and ideas, and the more I create the more confident I feel about my style. And the wiser I become the more I am unafraid, the more I realize there is to know, and the more I welcome what I can learn.

How old am I? Old enough to stop fretting!
And by the way, the Germans would say, it’s just “Schnee von gestern”, snow from yesterday.