PF: The Holly and the Ivy

No picture book review this week does not mean I couldn’t find one! Instead I’ve picked another form of storytelling I am passionate about – Perfect Films!

My parents asked if I could get a hold of this British classic from 1952 (IMDb), they remembered the PBS channel in NY used to show it. I found it too difficult, so I called on a film buff friend. Nowadays you can get a copy on ebay. Maybe you could then and I just couldn’t figure it out! In any case it is a tender delight – don’t pass it up next time you get a chance.

Directed by  George More O’Ferrall, the script was adapted and produced by Anatole de Grunwald from a play by Wynyard Browne. Ralph Richardson plays the English clergyman who, in his devotion to his parishioners, seems to have sorely misunderstood, possibly even neglected, his own children, played by Celia Johnson, Margaret Leighton and Denholm Elliot. Over 80 minutes we see the family coming together to celebrate Christmas, the first Christmas since the mother has passed. The aunts, played by Margaret Halstan and Maureen Delaney, are my favorite characters, and I do hope you trouble yourself to find out why!


Read about the origins behind the Christmas carol, including the lyrics – HERE