Dissection of a Puppet

Snoozing amongst the anemones.

A fellow 12x12er (Hi Pamela!) asked how I made the Phyllis puppet (recent post: Howdy Phyllis!).  Since I wanted to do a little mending after her turbulent tour of Fort Collins, Phyllis had nothing against it!

I make grocery totes from old sweaters and used a leftover sleeve, a few buttons and embroidery strength thread to mold the body. No pattern, just feel my way, undo stitches if I don’t like the grimace – obviously very skilled work! Snips of leftovers for the ears, long folded strips for arms and stitched felt hands/gloves. No need to stitch open edges since the sweater has been through the wash – gotta love felt!

Phyllis in her birthday suit, checking for black raspberry flowers.

"Phyllis! We use napkins here!"

Wash and blow

Next, a look over to the clothing donation bag revealed a tank top, now fashioned into the t-shirt, and for the green overalls I checked my stash of Christmas wrap. We wrap all presents with fabric, which makes for a very tidy fold-up job after all the excitement! Another button on the front, surrounded with stitched yellow petals and VOILA!