PPBF: Elliot

Author: Julie Pearson
 Manon Gauthier
Publisher: Pajama Press, 2016
Themes: orphans, foster parents, rabbits

Opening: see image below.

Summary: (from my library catalog) Elliot’s parents do not know how to take care of him. As Elliot moves from one foster home to another, his visits with his real parents leave him anxious and conflicted about where he wants to be. At last he finds stability with a new adoptive family.

I picked this book because: I liked the cover. That’s why I picked it up. I like it because it’s a story I was not expecting, an important story, gently told, of the experience of Elliot “a playful little boy who was full of life.” Afterward I looked for other reviews, and was astonished how Elliot was perceived by some reviewers, as possibly suffering from some behavioral disorder. Why? Because he cried when he was hungry, yelled when he was upset, and sometimes even misbehaved? I’ve never known a child to not show those natural forms of communication. In any case, I thought that was another reason to chose Elliot for PPBF, not just for it’s beautiful, seemingly simple, playful – and full of life! – illustrations!

Resources/activities! so much to talk about! Here is a website I found from a foster parent should you need assistance. And just like last week, draw or make collages to help deal with feeling that may arise in the discussions. Look for more titles beautifully illustrated by Manon Gauthier .

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