PPBF: Never, Not Ever!

Author/Illustrator: Beatrice Alemagna
Publisher: Harper, 2021
Themes: bats, first day of school, parents

Opening: see image below.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) When Pascaline, a little bat, screams “Never, Not Ever” in response to going to school, something extraordinary happens, which changes her mind.

I picked this book because: I would pick up any book illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna! Her illustration style is so playful, unrestricted, unencumbered that I feel immediately transported back into my years as a young mother, even back into my own childhood. And i love a story that begins with defiance, follows a roller coaster of emotions, and ends with a … well, you’ll just have to read and find out!

Resources/activities: read more books about starting school, like My School Stinks by Becky Scharnhorst, illus. by Julia Patton. Set up a pretend classroom to practice what a day in school might be like. Visit the school playground over the summer.

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Also, happy 10 year blogaversary to me! And since we are only a day out from St.Paddy’s, here is a coloring sheet kids can print out and fold to make a fortune-teller which includes Irish superstitions in the inner drawings: salute a magpie by telling it the time for good luck, be kind to robins for good luck, do not disturb fairy trees, an itchy nose means a disagreement is coming, a fallen fork means a female visitor is to be expected, burning ears means someone is talking about you, bird poop brings good luck, and see a penny (coin) pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck.