PPBF – Cybils Awards Finalist: The Girl and the Bicycle


Girl1This selection is one of seven finalists for fiction picture books, and I am a participating judge for round 2. Which means I have to read them. Tough work, huh? For information on the Cybils Awards, click HERE

Author/Illustrator: Mark Pett
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2014
Ages: 5-8yrs (feel it can easily be read with a younger child)
Themes: moneymaking projects, friendship, bicycles
Opening: wordless – girl walking past city shops notices a bicycle for sale in the window
Summary: (from my library catalog) A wordless picture book in which a girl sees a bicycle she wants to buy, works hard for a kindly neighbor to earn themoney for it, then gets a pleasant surprise.


I like this book because: of its beautifully drawn and easy-to-read pictures, with plenty of negative space to help set the pace. A lovely message about the benefits of hard work, sharing and friendship.


Resources/activities: classroom activities for learning about cost/benefit using this book

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