PPBF: Many Moons

Author: James Thurber
Illustrator: Marc Simont
Publisher: Harcourt 1990, Text ©1943
Themes: princess, moon, cleverness, imagination
Age Level:  Pre-school to Grade 3
Opening: Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a little princess named Lenore. She was ten years old going on eleven. One day Lenore fell ill of a surfeit of raspberry tarts and took to her bed.
Summary: Princess Lenore asks her doting father for the moon: “If I can have the moon, I will be well again.” After his wise consultants cannot help him, the King finally calls on his lowly but clever Jester to help solve the problem.
Why I like this Book: So clever and delightful, I cannot believe, after reading at least 3,500 picture books this year alone,  it has taken me so long to find this gem! This really celebrates the intelligence and creativity of children! The original edition of Many Moons, illustrated by Louis Slobodkin and beloved by so many, remains in print alongside this newly illustrated version. Click here for a peek at Slobodkin’s illustrations.
Resources/Activities: Read and compare another great PB about pleasing a princess, like Clever Jack Takes the Cake, by Candace Fleming, illustrated by G.Brian Karas; ask students to imagine what they might have asked for (like the princess) that would seem impossible to fulfill, and imagine ways to solve the task!
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