PPBF: The Three Robbers and November Challenges

Author/Illustrator: Tomi Ungerer
Publisher: Diogenes, 1963 (Die Drei Raeuber); Phaidon, 2008
Age: 4-8
Themes: robbers, orphans, girls
Opening: Once upon a time there were three fierce robbers. They went about hidden under large black capes and tall black hats.
Summary: (from Publisher’s Weekly) One bitter, black night, three ferocious highwaymen meet their match in a spunky orphan named Tiffany; Ungerer’s bold, fanciful artwork, rendered primarily in black and deep blue tones, enliven this cautionary tale of foul deeds transmogrified. (Don’t you just love it? Transmogrified!)

Why I like it: Tomi Ungerer is many an graphic designer/illustrator’s idol. Okay, one! It’s not just the clear simplicity (but that plays a BIG role!), it’s the fearlessness of his storytelling. Should three weaponed robbers evoke compassion? Nah! Do they? You betcha!

Resources/Activities: read more Ungerer!; ask children to illustrate a scene using a limited palette; check out the activities for this book from Scholastic – HERE

And it’s NOVEMBER: cold, dark, dreary.

Well, there’s Thanksgiving.

AND these challenges I signed up for – again!!!

PiBoIdMo with Tara Lazar (The Monstore, illustrated by James Burks) offers picture book writers the needed push to come up with ideas …and Sketch A Day Month with Linda Silvestri (click on images for more info)

All so we can enjoy the Holidays filled to the brim with satisfaction, and the materials to tackle the next challenge…

in 2014 with Julie Hedlund

SkADoMo 12

“These interruptions were the more ridiculous to me, because she was giving me broth out of a table-spoon at the time (having firmly persuaded herself that I was actually starving, and must receive nourishment at first in very small quantities), and, while my mouth was yet open to receive the spoon, she would put it back into the basin, cry ‘Janet! Donkies!’ and go out to the assault.”

– Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

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