PPBF: For Just One Day

Author:Laura Leuck
Marc Boutavant
Chronicle Books, 2009
Age Level: pre-school and up
Themes: imagination, animals, stories in rhyme
Opening: For just one day, I’d like to be a busy, buzzing bumble-   BEE! The flowers would belong to me, if I could be a bumble bee.
Summary: (Excerpt from Publisher’s Weekly) Schoolchildren imagine themselves as chimps, whales and butterflies in this fantasy. The layout builds suspense, with ellipses preceding each page turn.


Totally fell for the endpapers, half pictured above. Not something I say often.


And these cute critters and kiddies make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But I like this book because of the sweet rhymes and repetition, with just enough page-turning suspense that I enjoyed every one!