Day 2 #picturebookpicnic giveaway!

LOUIS will be celebrating World Picnic Day with picnics and his picture book friends – and stuffies – all WEEK! I’ll post pictures on Instagram where anyone (in the US) can comment – on any of the week’s posts – for a chance to win. Deadline is Thursday, 6/24/21 12pm MDT. Winner will be announced on the next Perfect Picture Book Friday!

But let me introduce you to his stuffie-guests and the friends they brought along for the picture book picnic today! Meet Elk, Penny, Wolfie, H. Hog and his elephant and horse – and Pooh, of course!

My Best Friend, by Julie Fogliano, Atheneum, 2020: Two girls quickly become best friends, even before they learn one another’s names.

The Nest That Wren Built, by Randi Sonenshine and illus. by Anne Hunter, Candlewick, 2020: In the rhyming style of “The House That Jack Built,” this poem about the care and specificity that Carolina wrens put into building a nest is at once tender and true to life. Papa and Mama Wren gather treasures of the forest, from soft moss for a lining to snakeskin for warding off predators. Randi Sonenshine’s lilting stanzas, woven with accurate and unexpected details about Carolina wrens, and Anne Hunter’s gentle, inviting illustrations reveal the mysterious lives of these birds and impart an appreciation for the wonder of the life cycles around us. Back matter includes a glossary and additional interesting facts about wrens. Nature lovers and poetry fans alike will be drawn to this lyrical picture book depicting how Carolina wrens build a nest for their young.

Cupcake Cousins, by Kate Hannigan and illus. by Brooke Boynton Hughes, Disney Hyperion, 2014: During a family vacation at Lake Michigan, nine-year-old cousins Willow and Delia, desperate to avoid being flower girls in their aunt’s wedding, try to demonstrate that they would do better as chefs for the reception.

“Smelly” Kelly and His Super Senses, by Beth Anderson and illus. by Jenn Harney, Calkins Creek, 2020: James Kelly smelled EVERYTHING: rats in the shed; circus elephants a mile away; tomorrow s rain. His sense of smell was EXTRAORDINARY. But what good was a powerful nose? How could his super-sniffer make him special? In the New York City subway, James found his calling and earned the nickname Smelly Kelly. Armed with his super-sniffer and the tools he invented, he tracked down leaks from the dangerous to the disgusting, from the comical to the bizarre.

*Book descriptions form my library’s catalog.

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