PPBF: Daytime Visions, An Alphabet

DaytimeVisionsCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Isol
Publisher: Enchanted Lion, 2015 (adapted into Engl. by Isol and Elisa Amado)
Age: 3 and up
Themes: alphabet, feelings, color
Opening: Aa – That’s not an answer.
Summary: (from my library catalog) This alphabet book explores feelings, raises questions, and features rich, thought-provoking pictures.

DaytimeVisionsEndpapersResources/Activities: compare with other alphabet books; make your own personal alphabet book; read about Isol’s work at Picturebook Makers; visit Isol’s blog.

DaytimeVisions1Why I like this book: Simple, clever collages – all playful explorations of letters, sounds and color which will put anyone in the mindset for learning.

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