PPBF: In Front of My House


Author/Illustrator: Marianne Dubuc
Publisher: Kids Can Press, 2010 (originally published in France under Devant ma maison)
Ages: 3-7yrs
Themes: space perception, imagination, characters in literature
Opening: On a little hill, behind a brown fence, under a big oak tree, is…
Summary: (from my library’s catalog) A child explores the world around his home and fills it with characters from the stories and fables he knows. 


I like this book because: each spread is a page turner, that is how the book/story is designed, which makes it a great read-aloud. I reviewed another of Dubuc’s books, Animal Parade, and though the design is similar I still think both stand on their own. I am REALLY looking forward to her new book coming out NEXT WEEK – The Lion and the Bird

Resources/activities: have children make a list from memory of things in front of their own dwellings; make a diorama from the list; discuss different living arrangements – among classmates and around the world – watch the videos form this wonderful series, Families of the World – HERE


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