PPBF: Telling Stories Wrong

Author: Gianni Rodari
 Beatrice Alemagna
Publisher: Edizone, 1980; First Engl. edition, Enchanted Lion, 2022
Themes: storytelling, grandparents, fairytale

Opening: “Once upon a time, there was a girl who was called Little Yellow riding Hood.”

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) Grandpa playfully recounts a familiar fairytale–or his version, at least–to his granddaughter, and try as she might to get him back on track, he keeps on adding things to the mix, resulting in an unpredictable tale that comes alive as it is being told.

I picked this book because: I adore the exuberance in these playful illustrations, but more so the ease in the telling of the story, how the grandfather’s slyness encourages the reader to feel the fun and frustration the granddaughter is experiencing! I read it three times in a row. Magical!

Resources/activities: read the book I posted last week and follow the same activity suggestions, but this time mix the story up, just like the grandfather in this book!

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